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About TofKo

TofKo Main Office

TofKo is a Danish trade and engineering company situated in Klarup in the Northern part of Denmark. The company was established in 1987 by Mogens Tofte Koch.

Since 1988 we have been dealing with the sale of Norup/TofKo presses. Today, our major markets include Great Britain, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. On these markets we are co-operating with famous and well-esteemed distributors. For further information on our distributors, please visit our distributor pages.

During the years, we have experienced an outstanding growth in sales and we are proud to say that a large number of presses are in operation in many different art schools and workshops as well as used by hobbyists and renowned artists worldwide.

Our range of Etching presses, Relief presses and Litho presses

We are certain that our success is due to our large range of sturdy and reliable presses, the high quality, great flexibility and our competitive prices. The presses combine tradition and innovation, and great importance is attached to fulfilling artists' requirements.

Our product program includes more than 40 different models ranging from small table models to medium and heavy floor models. It is also possible to have a press made according to customer specifications and requirements.

The Norup/TofKo presses are suitable for all kinds of printing techniques: lino, wood-carving, etching and lithography etc.

For more information on each specific press, please visit our press pages or contact TofKo at tofko@dont-want-spamtofko.dont-want-spamdk

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