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Studium Etching Presses

The Studium series contains the smallest presses in TofKo's product range and is ideal for schools, hobby use and all professional fine arts printmakers, who wants to work with small format printing.

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Studium Maxi with Quicklift ARTICLE NO.: 100405
"Studium Maxi with Quicklift"
Maxi is one of the two large models in the Studium series with a bed plate size of 40x60 cm. The press has a gearbox and the unique Quicklift feature.
DKK 15.625,00
Price incl. 25% VAT.

Floor stand - Midi and Maxi ARTICLE NO.: 100309
"Floor stand - Midi and Maxi"
Floor stand for Midi and Maxi with 2 shelves.
DKK 3.250,00
Price incl. 25% VAT.

Star operator wheel ARTICLE NO.: 100111
"Star operator wheel"
Star operator wheel.
DKK 825,00
Price incl. 25% VAT.

Composite bed, 12 mm - Micro ARTICLE NO.: 100106
"Composite bed, 12 mm - Micro"
Composite bed, 12 mm - Micro
DKK 1.125,00
Price incl. 25% VAT.

Composite bed, 12 mm - Mini ARTICLE NO.: 100206
"Composite bed, 12 mm - Mini"
Composite bed, 12 mm - Mini
DKK 1.512,50
Price incl. 25% VAT.

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