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SuperProff Etching Presses

TofKo has designed the SuperProff etching press to comply with the wishes for an exceptionally heavy duty, professional machine with easy operation.       

The SuperProff etching press is handbuilt from strong steel sections adequately reinforced. The sturdy frame comes equipped with wooden storage shelves, lock and adjustable legs. The printing pressure is applied through 2 spindles and the pressure is moderated through leather strips.

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Litho top - SP80

"Litho top - SP80" ARTICLE NO.: 600107
Unit price: DKK 16.150,00
Price incl. 25% VAT.


For the SP80 press TofKo offers a litho conversion top, which enables you to use the press for both etching and litho prints.

The litho top has exchangeable wooden crossbars. The crossbar system is mounted in springs hidden in the litho frame. The pressure is applied through an excenter mechanism mounted in the center of the litho top.

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