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Freda Street, Wood-block print artist, Germany

Freda Street working on PP60 etching press

The German wood-block print artist, Freda Street, acquired her new TofKo PP60 etching press in January 2007.

Working with the press for several months she is now quite experienced handling the press.

"Working with the TofKo etching press has totally changed my life as a wood-block print artist. The press allows me to express myself in my art and to produce works of professional quality whilst relieving myself of the physical arduousness of the printing process", Freda Street explains.

Print by Freda Street

Woodblock printing is a technique for printing images or patterns that make high demands on exactness and accuracy. Consequently the requirements to the printing press are extremely high.

The orange litho created by Freda Street, is printed in every detail at her TofKo press. The colours are bright and clear, and the litho shows a vast number of details making the print unique without comparison.

Wood-block colour prints by Freda Street

Below are examples of Freda Street's wood-block colour prints printed at the TofKo PP60 etching press.

Wood-block colour prints by Freda Street
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