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Jacob Rantzau printing on his Tofko press

“The actual printmaking on the machine is something that I am very fond of too. It is a fine contrast to painting, because the process is fixed in a routine to make each print of equal quality.”

“I find the TofKo press very stable in its printmaking and really easy to use due to the Quick-lift,” Jacob Rantzau says.

Jacob Rantzau, visual artist, Denmark

Jacob Rantzau working on a Studium Maxi QG

In 2009 Jacob Rantzau purchased his etching press Studium Maxi QG for his atelier “Ask” in Kattrup, south of Skanderborg. Jacob Rantzau´s primary medium is painting and he is known and acknowledged for his huge oil paintings. In his work with etching he finds himself working in a much smaller scale and in a totally different medium.

 “I got my TofKo press to get closer to the old craftsmanship in the arts. When I work with etching and aquatint the craftsmanship is every time put to the test, as only very few corrections are possible to make during the process. This leads to quite a few defeats, but when everything succeeds the feeling is enormous," Jacob Rantzau explains. 

Copper print made by Jacob Rantzau on a TofKo press

The works of art below show how Jacob Rantzau has worked with the process from hard ground etching to aquatint on his TofKo press. The art works "Love act" (the one with the man) and "Life is old, but it is always new" (the one with the woman) are both from the exhibition "You can't hold back spring" from 2011.

 To learn more about Jacob Rantzau check out his website

Prints by Jacob Rantzau on Tofko press
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